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4K Ultra HD TVs are designed for demanding customers who need a very sharp image. With a 3840 × 2160 resolution or roughly 8.3 million pixels, these TVs deliver four times the resolution than standard Full HD TVs. At such high resolutions, individual pixels become invisible, so you will see the finest details even standing very close to the screen.

The majority of 4K TVs have screens sizes of 55″ (140cm) and larger, and when viewed, the optimal eye distance from the screen is 1.5 times its height, which is approximately 1.2m. When choosing the screen size, take into consideration the layout of your living room and avoid causing excessive fatigue of your eyes.

The image processing frequency value determines the smoothness of the resulting image, shown in Hertz, and the 4K television ranges from 50 to 100Hz. The higher the refresh rate of the panel, the smoother the image the TV can offer you.

The Main Benefits of 4K Ultra HD TVs

  • High resolution delivers crisp details.
  • The HDR standard offers an image with a richer range of colors.
  • Higher frame rates ensure a smoother and sharper image.
  • Using the Upscaling feature, lower resolution images are converted into 4K quality.
  • Higher pixel density allows watching 4K televisions from a smaller distance.
  • Powerful 4K TVs can handle high-speed Internet browsing and app usage.
  • Today, there is plenty of content at 4K resolution, so a 4K TV is now worth the investment.
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