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LG XBOOM CJ44 Hi-Fi Entertainment System

Key Features
  • Brand: LG
  • Bluetooth Music Streaming
  • MP3 player USB charging
  • Voice Canceller
  • Key Changer
  • Karaoke Microphone Input
  • Smartphone Remote App

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LG XBOOM CJ44 Hi-Fi Entertainment System

LG XBOOM CJ44 System comes with a 480W total power output. This means that the speakers are loud, letting you enjoy listening to your music. The sound LG XBOOM CJ44 System will have you grooving to the beat each time you play music.


Karaoke Support.

If you like to sing, then LG XBOOM CJ44 is the system to get. LG XBOOM CJ44 System comes with Karaoke supports that let you perform your favorite songs as they play. It comes with a Voice Canceller that limits the volume of the song you’re singing along to so that it does not overwhelm your voice. It also has a Key Changer that automatically adjusts the pitch of the song you’re singing to so that it matches your voice.


Wireless Connectivity.

LG XBOOM CJ44 System comes with Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can play music from your mobile device wirelessly.




  • Total Power Output: 480W RMS
  • Sound System: Stereo (2-way)
  • Tweeter Unit: 1.57″
  • Mid-Range/Bass Speaker: 6.5″


  • CD: Yes (1)
  • CD-R/-RW: Yes
  • MP3 CD: Yes
  • WMA CD: Yes
  • USB: Yes (2)
  • Bluetooth®: Yes
  • Microphone Input: Yes (1)
  • Portable Input: Yes (1)
  • AUX (Stereo RCA): Yes (1)
  • FM Tuner: Yes (87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz)
  • Sound Sync Wireless (LG TV Bluetooth): Yes


  • Sound Types: 8 (User, Standard, Pop, Classical, Rock, Jazz, Bass Blast, Football)


  • Music Decoding: WAV, MP3


  • Bluetooth® Music Streaming: Yes
  • MP3 player USB charging: Yes
  • Playback settings: Random, Repeat1, Repeat All
  • Voice Canceller: Yes
  • Key Changer: Yes
  • Karaoke Microphone Input: Yes (1)
  • Smartphone Remote App: Music Flow Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Multi-Device Connection: Yes (Up to 3 devices simultaneously)
  • Bluetooth Standby Wakeup: Yes
  • Bluetooth Jukebox: Yes
  • Clock/Timer: Yes
  • Auto DJ: Yes
  • Program Play: Yes (60 songs)
  • Vertical/Horizontal Placement: Vertical Only
  • Sound Sync Wireless (LG TV Bluetooth): Yes
  • Wireless Party Link: Yes
  • USB 1 to USB 2 Recording: Yes
  • USB Direct Recording: Yes
  • USB External HDD Playback: Yes


  • USB 2.0 Input: Yes (2)
  • Microphone (6.5mm) Input: Yes (1)
  • Stereo RCA (AUX) Input: Yes (1)
  • Portable (3.5mm) Input: Yes (1)
  • FM Antenna: Yes (1)


  • Main Unit (W x H x D): 350 x 163 x 251 mm
  • Speakers (W x H x D): 266 x 314 x 234 mm
  • Net Weight (Main Unit): 3.4 kg
  • Net Weight (Speakers): 5.7 kg


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